Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre in Nashville - Dinner & Show

Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre in Nashville - Dinner & Show

Chaffin's Barn Dinner Theatre in Nashville - Dinner & Show is a most unique dining and entertainment experience, now in its 45th season serving the Nashville area with a premium professional theatre.

Your Chaffin's Barn experience begins the moment you enter the rustic barn doors and take a look around the inviting lobby. One of the friendly hosts will show you and your party into the dining room and take you to the table especially reserved for you. You know you're in for a relaxing, satisfying, enjoyable evening of food, fun and entertainment.

Once you're seated, one of the server/performers will take your beverage order. There's a variety of free soft drinks and a full service bar if you would like a glass of wine or a cocktail with dinner. Next, you'll help yourself to a garden fresh salad bar and Chaffin's sumptuous country-style buffet featuring numerous mouth-watering entrees and specially prepared side dishes. It's "all-you-care-to-eat," but be sure to save room for delicious desserts - all prepared fresh daily!

After dinner, the real "magic" begins. The lights dim and the stage descends from the ceiling to the center of the theatre, giving every audience member an excellent view of the action.

For the next two hours or so you'll be transported to another place and time by a talented cast of professional actors!

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Tour/Activity Details


Approximately 4 hours total


6:00 pm Thursday through Saturday

Please Note: See Itinerary and Show Schedules for more information.

Hotel pick-up not included. Please order online or call to order or for more information.



  • Doors open at 6:00 pm
  • Buffet is served from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Show starts at 8:00 pm


  • Dinner
  • Show
  • Tax
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soft drinks


  • Items from the bar
  • Gratuity

2014 Show Schedule

Driving Miss Daisy (January 9 - February 9)

Set in mid-century Atlanta, riving Miss Daisy tells the story of an elderly Jewish matron, Daisy Worthan, and her chauffeur, Hoke Colburn. At first, Daisy is none too happy about being forced to rely on a black man. But, Hoke eventually wins her over and, during the 25-year span of the play, the two develop a deep-rooted affection.

Always a Bridesmaid (February 13 - March 16)

In this hilarous comedic romp, four friends have sworn to keep their high school promise to be in each other's weddings - no matter what. More than 30 years later, these Southern friends-for-life are still making "the long walk" for each other, determined to honor that vow. Libby Ruth (the hopeful romantic with the perfect marriage), Deedra (whose husband has a wandering eye and hands to match), Monette (who's been down the aisle more times than a movie theater usher) and Charlie (a salt-of-the-earth tree hugger who panics when the opportunity presents itself) are committed to the notion that careers, waistlines and even marriages may disappear, but real friendships last a lifetime. Forsaking all others, in sickness and in health, they repeatedly struggle to stage the perfect wedding, in spite of fistfights at the altar, runaway brides, and the mistaken and unfortunate release of a flock of white doves on the first day of hunting season.

Chaps (March 20 - April 27)

Whoa Brittania! Panic at the BBC! The year is 1944 and America's favorite singing cowboy, Tex Riley, and his troupe are late for a special broadcast at the BBC in London. Out of desperation, Mabel - their tour manager - and Miles - the frantic young producer - grab whomever they can...a snobby announcer, an amiable sound man, a passing soap opera actor...slap them into costume, hand them scripts (after all, it's radio) and shove them in front of a studio audience. The resulting performance is one England (and YOU) will never forget!

A Bad Year for Tomatoes (May 1 - June 8)

Fed up with the pressures and demands of her acting career, the famous Myra Marlowe leases a house in the tiny town of Beaver Haven and settles down to write her autobiography. In an attempt to gain some privacy, Myra invents a mad, homicidal sister (Sadie) who is kept locked in an upstairs room, but who occasionally escapes long enough to scare off uninvited visitors. The ruse works well at first, but complications result when the local handyman develops an affection for "Sister Sadie." This is one of Chaffin's Barn's most requested repeats.

Summer Musical (June 12 - July 20)

The title of this year's summer musical has yet to be announced. You can be sure it will be filled with great singing, dancing, laughter and fun! And, as soon as the title is announced, we'll put it in here.

The Fox on the Fairway (July 24 - August 24)

This hilarious romp pulls the rug out from underneath the stuffy denizens of a private country club. Filled with mistaken identities, slamming doors and over-the-top romantic shenanigans, it's a furiously paced comedy that recalls the Marx Brothers' classsics...a charmingly madcap adventure about love, life and man's eternal love affair with...GOLF!

Ain't Misbehavin' (August 28 - October 5)

The inimitable "Fats" Waller rose to international fame during the golden age of the Cotton Club, honky tonk dives along Lenox Avenue, rent parties, stride piano players and that jumpin' new beat, Swing. Although not quite a biography, Ain't Misbehavin' evokes the delightful humor and infectious energy of the American original as a versatile cast struts, strums and sings the songs he made famous in a career that ranged from uptown clubs to downtown Tin Pan Alley to Hollywood and concert stages in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Gone but not Forgotten (October 9 - November 16)

What happens when a man gets so busy making a living that he forgets to live? John Olson Bates had everything a man could ask for until the evening he returned home from work and found it all missing - everything, right down to his toothbrush and best pair of socks. So, it's back to the basics for John...and with a little help from a heart-warming cast of misfits including a bumbling security guard, a rookie 911 operator and his faithful gardener, John just might realize the worth of the things in his life that are "gone but not forgotten."

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol (adapted by Martha Wilkinson) (November 20 - December 28)

The classic Dickens tale, told with a "twist." Six actors transform from character to character as three ghosts take penny-pinching Scrooge on an eye-opening journey where he discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

Sample Buffet (subject to change)


  • Carved Roast Beef with au Jus
  • Chicken with Dressing and Gravy
  • Catfish
  • Beef Barbecue

Veggies and Sides

  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • White Beans
  • Creamed Corn
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Baked Apples
  • Biscuits
  • Cornbread
  • Yeast Rolls

Hotel pick-up not included. Please order online or call to order or for more information.

Cancellation Policy

There are no refunds. All sales are final.

Change policy

If changes are allowed on a tour or activity, a $20.00 per reservation change fee will be applied for any change to a reservation. Please note that some tours and activities do not allow any changes. Date changes can only be made only if we can confirm availability on the new date. While we cannot guarantee any changes can be made, all change requests must be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the tour departure and must be handled on an individual basis through our Reservations Center.

Rating & Reviews

Customer Ratings & Reviews

  • 3 / 5
    I said I was only bothered by being charged for something I did not request.

  • 5 / 5
    Enjoyed the play

  • 4 / 5

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